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Greater Self-Awareness

An insight-oriented psychiatrist with a subsequent career as a consultant-turned-coach for a Big Three strategy consulting firm, I work with individuals in therapy for their mental health needs or coaching for their professional development. 


With a unique mix of technical expertise in human behavior, mental health education, and a sound business context, I support organizations to develop better-functioning teams and healthier workplaces.

Young professionals through senior executives face unique mental health stressors, yet may be less inclined to seek help for them. When they do, they may not feel understood by a therapist unfamiliar with workplace issues, nor achieve lasting healing with an executive coach who isn't trained to get to the root of mental health challenges.


An effective coach can elicit insight into one's workplace behaviors, professional goals, and personal values, supporting them to achieve a more authentic and fulfilling career. However, coaches may lack the formal training or internal coaching experience for a more enriching, in-depth engagement.

Business Meeting
Organizations interface with mental health challenges routinely, whether in the form of  impaired professionals, poorly functioning teams, or a toxic and ineffective organizational culture. However, standard leadership training and people development programs may miss the nuanced psychodynamics driving unhealthy workplaces.
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