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Having trained in medicine and worked in management consulting, I know firsthand the unique stressors that work and career come with. While I see people of all backgrounds, I specialize in providing individual and couple's therapy for adults struggling with their personal or professional relationships, often in stress-prone careers. I have a compassionate approach that both supports you in healing yet challenges you to grow. 

Key aspects of my clinical practice:

  • Whole-person care: I seek to understand you in the context of your life, including your family background, current relationships, race and culture, religion and spirituality, and work and vocation.

  • Telehealth-based: I primarily see patients virtually via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform to make accessing quality care even easier. 

  • Flexible scheduling: By keeping my caseload small, I am able to accommodate your busy schedule through same or next-day scheduling with evening and weekend appointment availability.

  • Therapy-focused: While I am trained in psychopharmacology and may recommend medication where appropriate, I believe therapy and skill-building are essential tools for lasting mental health improvement.

  • No insurance restrictions: I am an out-of-network provider; by not accepting insurance, I can maximize time with you rather than prioritizing your insurance's needs.

  • Concierge care: When you get in touch, you won't be shuffled through a scheduler or chatbot. Appointments start on time and our plan of care is tailored to your needs.

I am licensed to practice psychiatry and therapy in Texas and accepting new patients across the state.

Clinically, I focus on a variety of mental health and wellbeing issues, particularly those that impact your personal and professional relationships.

Areas of focus include:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and bereavement

  • Childhood trauma

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Minority identity and belonging

  • Low self-esteem

  • Burnout and loss of purpose

  • Workplace dysfunction

  • Chronic stress

For initial visits, I meet with you, or you and your partner, for 60 minutes to conduct a thorough intake and learn your history and current needs. I also provide second opinions where requested.

I work with you to develop a multidisciplinary treatment plan, with a strong focus on therapy for sustained self-awareness and healing.

Treatment planning includes:

  • Individual therapy: both psychodynamic (insight-oriented) and cognitive-behavioral

  • Couples therapy: emotionally-focused couples therapy for you and your partner together

  • Mindfulness practice: mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and mindfulness meditation

  • Actionable wellness plans: motivational goals and skills-training in emotional wellbeing

  • Medication management: medications when indicated for mood or anxiety

For established patients, visits range from 25-50 minutes for individuals and 50-75 minutes for couples, typically at a weekly or biweekly cadence, with flexibility for multiple visits a week. 

Focus Areas

Important policies to note prior to setting up an initial visit:

  • Fees: As an out-of-network provider, I do not accept insurance or co-pays and do not handle claims directly. If requested, I can provide an invoice that you may use for out-of-network reimbursement through your insurance or your FSA/HSA. A full fee schedule can be requested by email.

  • Cancellations: I recognize that life happens and schedules may shift. I offer flexible re-scheduling for same- or next-day appointments at no cost when available and when this policy is not abused. For cancellations with less than 24-hour notice or a second re-schedule, I charge a fee of 25% of the service cost. 

  • Medications: When prescribed, medication prescriptions are directly sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Due to the Ryan Haight Act, I do not prescribe controlled substances such as stimulants or benzodiazepenes. 

To get started, please set up a free introductory phone call with me to determine if I am the right fit for your mental health care.

Getting Started
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