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Samaiya Mushtaq


Dr. Samaiya Mushtaq

As a board-certified psychiatrist, my philosophy is that mental wellness is foundational for overall health and is not confined to the psychiatrist's clinic (or couch!). In medicine, a "psych consult" is called when medical and surgical teams need a psychiatrist to come on board, managing the mental health aspects of care and acting as a liaison between teams.
While a consultant at a top-tier strategy firm, my work was not dissimilar, tasked with diagnosing and treating a business problem afflicting a client. Bringing psychological-mindedness into my role, I saw both how high-intensity workplaces can impact the mental health of professionals through chronic stress and burnout, and how organizations function best with self-aware individuals, emotionally intelligent teaming, and a mentally healthy culture.
By integrating my expertise in mental health with experience at a global consulting firm, I work with individuals on their mental health care and coaching needs, and with organizations through wellbeing training, employee counseling, and consulting on people development and workplace culture. Using deep inquiry and an emphasis on tactical skill-building, I offer actionable insight into the minds of the leaders and the dynamics of a team that make a healthy and successful organization.

Schedule a consult with me to learn how I can unlock your own, your team's, or your organization's wellbeing. 


CV Highlights

I attended Southern Methodist University as a President's Scholar prior to graduating from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. I completed residency training in psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where I was selected to join the Clinician-Educator track and received the national George Ginsberg Award recognizing achievement in mental health education. After residency, I joined Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant before becoming a performance coach with the firm. Since 2019, I have served as a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


Learning & Development Manager and Coach 

Boston Consulting Group

2020 - 2021

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

UT Southwestern Medical Center

2019 - present


Boston Consulting Group

2019 - 2020

Education & Training

Psychiatry Residency

UT Southwestern Medical Center



Vanderbilt University School of Medicine



Southern Methodist University

summa cum laude


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