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As a Hudson Institute-trained professional coach  and having explored a different career myself, I offer one-on-one coaching with clients to develop and achieve their professional goals. I use an incisive method of inquiry that uncovers deep insight into motivation and behavior in the workplace, leveraging my background in human cognition combined with my prior experience as an in-house coach to enable clients efficiently and effectively

Coaching engagements may be one-time sessions or an engagement with a series of 4-12 sessions, depending on the individual and their goals. Sessions are biweekly for 50 minutes over video conferencing or by phone, or can be in-person for individuals in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The cost of coaching may be partially or fully covered by one's workplace, particularly for individuals in more senior roles and/or with a promising trajectory.

Coaching focus areas include:   

  • Identifying workplace strengths and blind spots: Developing greater insight into professional strengths and areas for development

  • Sustaining work-life balance: Overcoming burnout and implementing sustainability strategies

  • Developing a confident mindset: Building openness to professional challenges and risks

  • Making career changes: Understanding motivated abilities and vocational aspirations for a more authentic career path

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