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Programming on mental health can teach critical skills needed to improve individual well-being and group dynamics in the workplace and beyond.

I work with teams, universities, community organizations, and corporations to lead workshops and lectures specific to their needs for professional development programs, conferences, and retreats. I use a skills-based approach, shifting the objective from providing plain awareness to instead teaching actionable, evidence-based skills for improving emotional and mental well-being. My workshops are highly interactive, with space for reflection, learning activities to improve retention, and simplified frameworks for in-depth understanding of complex topics. 

Topics include:

  • Mental health and stigma: Reducing the stigma of talking about mental health at work

  • Stress management: Separating good stress from distress, and managing it effectively

  • Mindfulness and emotional processing: Learning an emotional vocabulary to better regulate intense feelings

  • Resilience and overcoming setbacks: Employing resilience skills to cope with workplace stressors

  • Imposter syndrome: Conquering internalized self-doubt and taking ownership of expertise

  • Depersonalizing and reacting to feedback: Taking the sting out of negative feedback

  • Cognitive tools for managing anxiety: Developing tactical techniques for everyday anxieties


To schedule a workshop for your team or organization, please contact me.


Many companies and organizations offer on-site counseling as an investment in their employees' mental health, recognizing that it improves access to care and workplace wellbeing. These sessions are paid for by the organization at no cost to the employee. Unlike coaching, counseling services are offered through licensed mental health professionals and are kept strictly confidential. 

Leveraging my training in therapy and my experience in high-intensity workplaces, I contract with organizations to offer a select number of office hours for exclusive use by their employees for individual counseling or process groups. For companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I am available to be physically on-site; for all others in Texas, I offer counseling remotely. 

Psych Consult Individual Coaching

Areas of focus include:​

  • Identifying mental health issues impacting performance: Assessing mental health needs affecting work-life

  • Providing short-term support: Supportive counseling for life events or career transitions; process groups for teams experiencing loss

  • Understanding drivers of ineffective behaviors: Getting to the"why" behind action and inaction

  • Resolving workplace burnout: Exploring mindsets toward work, productivity, and satisfaction  


To learn more about how in-house counseling can help your organization or to contract with me, get in touch.

Psych Consult Consulting Engagement

As a board-certified psychiatrist and former consultant at a top strategy consulting firm, I have a niche view of the application of mental health in the workplace.


Integrating extensive research experience with needs assessment, survey design, and focus groups and a firsthand understanding of the business context, I make data-informed and tactical recommendations to improve organizational wellbeing and enhance employee development. I work with organizations large and small based on their time-frame and needs. 

Areas of engagement include:

  • Mental health awareness and infrastructure: Evaluating existing mental health awareness and programming within an organization

  • Building psychological safety: Establishing an environment of trust and openness among leadership and teams

  • Team dynamics and dysfunction: Identifying areas of dysfunction within teams and optimizing group dynamics for greater team health

  • Employee burnout and morale: Assessing employee sentiment and designing tailored interventions to improve organizational culture

  • Diversity & inclusion efforts: Providing insight on overcoming cognitive bias and engaging in active listening to develop cultural humility and effective inclusion

To request a consulting engagement, please contact me with a brief description of your team or organization's needs.

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