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Wellbeing at Work

Better mental health for people, teams, and workplaces


Dr. Samaiya Mushtaq

Board-certified Psychiatrist

Professional Coach

Wellbeing Educator

I believe that better mental health involves developing the right skills and practicing them effectively and consistently.


I am passionate about helping adults struggling in their personal relationships and professional life through mental health care and coachingUsing my unique background as a consultant at a top-tier management consulting firm and as a board-certified psychiatrist, I also offer training and consulting services to teams and organizations on the the application of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.


Learn more about me and how I can help you or your organization's wellness.

Services with You

Working with You

Comprehensive evaluations and second opinions to diagnose and treat mental health conditions

Key aspects of care include:

  • Whole-person approach

  • Telehealth-based

  • Flexible scheduling

  • High-touch, accessible care

  • Out-of-network 

Individual and couples therapy with expertise in several psychotherapy methodologies

Therapy modalities include:

  • Psychodynamic (insight-oriented)

  • Cognitive-behavioral 

  • Mindfulness-based

  • Emotionally-focused (couples)

  • Wellbeing skills training

One-on-one coaching for professional wellbeing, career goals, and vocational satisfaction

Coaching focus areas include:

  • Identifying workplace strengths and blind spots

  • Sustaining work-life balance

  • Reframing success and failure

  • Making career changes

Working with Your Organization

Interactive lectures and skills-based trainings on mental health and positive psychology

Topics include:

  • Mental health and stigma

  • Stress management

  • Developing resilience

  • Mindfulness and emotional processing

  • Imposter syndrome

Employee counseling for greater self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness

Focus areas include:

  • Identifying mental health issues impacting performance

  • Providing short-term support 

  • Understanding drivers of ineffective behaviors

  • Resolving workplace burnout

Consulting Engagements

Integrating mental health and people development for organizational wellbeing

Engagement areas include:

  • Mental health resources and infrastructure

  • Building psychological safety

  • Team dynamics and dysfunction

  • Employee burnout and morale

  • Inclusion and belonging efforts

Services with your Org

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Dr. Mushtaq is an engaging educator. The group session created a space for me to learn from and relate to my colleagues; I left with a feeling of greater belonging in my workplace.

- Physician at Parkland Hospital

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I am happy to answer inquiries related to clinical, coaching, and consulting services.

For interest in a community or corporate educational event, please provide as much detail as possible, including location, date range, and topic of interest. 

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